SAE Congratulates CAT on 25 Years of Audio Excellence!

From CAT’s 25th year celebration announcement:

CAT – California Audio Technology celebrates 25 years of audio excellence!

We thank all of our friends and teammates for your support over the past quarter century, and look forward to working with you to design, engineer, and manufacture the world’s best ultra high performance custom audio solutions!

Thanks to you, your dreams, and your clients, CAT has pioneered significant audio advancements in elite recording studios, home theaters, distributed audio, outdoor audio, private aircraft, super yachts, and 3D audio systems!

We look forward to showing you our two demonstration suites at the 2015 CES show in Las Vegas!

Venetian Suite # 29-332: Showcases Auro3D 15.1 and Atmos 7.4.1 systems in the same room! This is the first time that both next generation 3D audio systems have been showcased in the same room at the same time during a tradeshow!!! Come audition an A/B comparison. This extraordinarily unique system utilizes state of the art CAT, Theta Digital, and ATI equipment.

Venetian Suite # XX-XXX: This suite is invite only due to incredibly large demand, and showcases an ultra high performance two channel CAT MBX, SAE – Scientific Audio Electronics, and Theta Digital system! Please inquire about scheduling a timeslot when you visit Venetian Suite # 29-332.